Samba/NT share questions

Siwei Zhang swz at
Fri Mar 6 01:08:31 GMT 1998


I have some naive questions about resources sharing
between SAMBA machines and between SAMBA and NT

(1) I setup one UNIX as PDC by setting
	workgroup = SAMBA
	domain logons = yes
	domain sid = S-1-5-21-123-456-789-123
What should I setup for the second SAMBA machine,
in order to share its resources to the client
machines once they logon to the SAMBA domain?

(2) If NT is the  PDC, how can SAMBA join 
into its domain? By setup the following?
	domain logons = yes
	domain controller = <NT PDC>

(3) If SAMBA is the PDC, how can the NT
join into its domain?

Siwei Zhang
Division of Research
Kaiser Permanente

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