Samba, WinNT, Printers and Encrypted Passwords

Sunny Singh ssingh at
Fri Mar 6 00:03:22 GMT 1998

Steve Fosdick:

>I am having trouble with getting a machine running NTrigue (based
>on Windows/NT 3.51) to connect to Samba printers - the NTrigue
>box just gives the error "Access Denied".

I am having the same problem with NTrigue and samba(1.9.17p1).
  I also tried changing
the registry entry for encrypted passwords as 
documented in docs/WinNT.txt


I can easily connect from NT4.0 server machine
and Win95s under same user account and password.

Every time I try to map the network drive it gives
Please share with me if you find any solution.
Sunny Singh
ssingh at

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