debugging login delay

Todd Pfaff todd at
Thu Mar 5 17:46:28 GMT 1998

I'm trying to determine what is causing an NT workstation login such a
long time to complete.  It's only happening on one particular NT
Workstation 4.0 system.  I've tried a couple of techniques to debug the
problem and I'm not sure what to try next.

When I start the login, it completes some initial drive connections and
then seems to be idle for a few minutes before the explorer and systray
processes start.  If I start task manager I see that USERINIT.EXE is
the only thing using any cpu but it never goes above about 10%.
I don't get any messages regarding a slow network connection or profile
unavailable.  The login eventually completes successfully.

I have turned up the samba debug level in a separate log for the host in
question but it doesn't give any useful clues.  I can forward the log to
anyone who thinks it might help.  Would it be helpful if I sent just the
portion of the log written around the time of the pause?

Sorry for the vague description.  Is the cause of this problem obvious to
anyone?  Can anyone tell me what I should try next?

My samba server is running 1.9.18p3.
The workstation is running NT WS 4.0 SP3.

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