SMBlib: status? Other mod's

Eric Estievenart eric at
Thu Mar 5 13:20:02 GMT 1998

	Hi !

I saw your post on the mailing-list and the newsgroup, and I have started
working to smblib a few days ago. I've patched it, corrected some severe
bugs (particularly one in RFCNB_Get_Pkt), implemented some api functions
(api ShareEnums, ServerEnums), reduced the source code (providing some new
low-level functions) in order to increase the visibility of the code.
I made that in order to make a really good network browsing tool for Unix
(I use Linux), and I'm still working on it.  

	Are there people working on SMBlib too ? I think that it is a
great project, and some rules should be fixed in order to avoid people
doing the same work. Maybe could samba be based on smblib in the future,
but for the moment smblib lacks a lot of functions...

	Any clues, ideas, what's your opinion ?

Another question, is there a specific mailing-list for samba developpers, 
or is there only this mailing-list ?

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