Samba+DNS on SOlaris 2.5

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Wed Mar 4 16:12:32 GMT 1998


I'm an old Samba user, but I discovered a strange problem when I decided to
add DNS on my private LAN. The DNS server is a no-problem-linux-server. 
When I configure my Solaris 2.5 workstation to be a DNS client
(nsswitch.conf and resolv.conf configured correctly), the Samba server on
this platform can't be seen on the usual W95 clients; more precisely, I see
the Sol. WS (nmbd works?), but can't connect to its shared directories.
What am I missing?

I must say that this problem seems to be Solaris-related, because my old HP
is a Samba server and DNS client too, but is perfectly usable thru the LAN.


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