Samba, WinNT, Printers and Encrypted Passwords

Steve Fosdick fosdicsj at
Wed Mar 4 14:00:39 GMT 1998

I am having trouble with getting a machine running NTrigue (based
on Windows/NT 3.51) to connect to Samba printers - the NTrigue
box just gives the error "Access Denied".

I have analysed the log files on the Samba server and the conversation
between the NTrigue box and Samba never seems to get as far as checking
for a username/password so the message from NTrigue seems to be
misleading.  The conversation seems to go as follows:

1.  NTrigue opens the connection and sends a netbios_connect request.
2.  Samba replys to the netbios_connect.
3.  NTrigue sends a SMBnegprot request.
4.  Samba replies to the SMBnetprog request.
5.  NTrigue closes the connection and tells the user "Access Denied".

>From what I have read elsewhere I suspect that what is happenning
here is that as soon as NTrigue finds that samba is not supporting
encrypted passwords is gives up because it doesn't think it has any
way to prompt the user for a password, and won;t connect to a
machine using unencrypted password without doing so.

Can anyone confirm is this is indeed correct?

Does anyone know of a registry entry or similar on NT that can be
changed to say that, in the event that the server doesn't support
encrypted passwords and there is no opportunity to prompt the user
for a username/password then to just set up the connection as guest?

Alternatively, if we have to enable password encryption has anyone
come up with a neat way of keeping the UNIX and SMB passwords
syncronised?  The reason we don't have password encryption on at the
moment is that many of our Samba users are also UNIX users and the
accounts are intended to be equivalent and so it is nice to have the
same password automatically.

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