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Tue Mar 3 19:32:32 GMT 1998


>I've successfully set up Samba (1.9.16p11) on an HP workstation that acts
>as a server to the Win95 PCs in my office.  Unfortunately, I can't figure
>out the settings so that some PCs/users can access the Samba drive without
>entering a password.  I've read thru the man and FAQ's and think I'm doing
>everything ok with my settings, but no luck.  My smb.conf file is
>attached.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 

This is (I think) an example of a perenial problem, and one that (I feel)
should be high on the fix-list.

The parameter you most likely need to play with as a _compile_ time one,
called GUEST_SESSETUP (or v.similar).

This takes 0,1 or 2 as a value and it alters the way clients are connected
as the guest user (make sure the service you want to connect to has a valid
'guest user' too).

More information is in the documentation (or possibly makefile / source

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