problem with apps closing on their own

jdickins at jdickins at
Tue Mar 3 19:05:06 GMT 1998


I'm the one that's been clogging up the list with logfiles detailing word97
closing on its own if its started off of a samba shared volume and then left
to sit for a period of several minutes. Well, I got tired of this happening
and went back to 1.9.17p4 and everything is fine. Word 97 has been up for
hours with no input from me and it hasnt closed on its own.

I was wondering if someone with office97, linux (I'm using rh4.2) and samba
1.9.18p3 could reproduce this? Install office on a samba shared volume using
win nt sp3 and then start word and leave it alone. It'll stop on its own. I
really cant imagine that my set-up is that much different than everyone
elses. If it is, maybe I've got a bug-a-boo in in my NT set-up... but then
again, if that's true, why does 1.9.17p4 work fine?


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