cross subnet browsing and netmasks

Veselin Terzic vterzic at systems.DHL.COM
Tue Mar 3 00:44:07 GMT 1998


platform: samba-1.18p3 hpux-10

i have two subnets in our class B network. one is and
the other one is (netmask is
we use NT4 WINS as a wins server on all machines (PCs and SAMBAs). is a master browser, domain master browser and preferred MB
while is a master browser and preferred MB, but not domain

looks to me like SAMBA is not aware of the fact that these are different 
subnets?! it thinks this is one network and doesn't allow two master
browsers, that are essential for the browsing to work across subnets.
i don't use "interfaces", although i've tried that too with explicit
subnet mask "", expecting samba to figure it out from the
local interface configuration, right? BTW i have only 1 network
interface per server.

another subnet that we have as a class C 200.x.x.x works fine and its
master browser for the same workgroup (UNIX_SERVERS) synchronizes its
browse list with the domain master browser nicely. 

these are the errors in nmbd log:

process_local_master_announce: Server MERIDIAN at IP is
announcing itself as a local master browser for workgroup UNIX_SERVERS
and we think we are master. Forcing election.

03/02/1998 08:56:45 *****   Samba name server GENESIS has stopped being
a local master browser for workgroup UNIX_SERVERS on subnet

03/02/1998 08:57:00 *****   Samba name server GENESIS is now a local
master browser for workgroup UNIX_SERVERS on subnet *****

any clue?

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