Linux: how to discover open files from smbd ?

Gerhard Zuber zuber at
Mon Mar 2 18:30:16 GMT 1998

many thanx to all people answering my question.

the very quick solution is with fuser -km /cdrom

this is very ugly, because one smbd serves all shares used by a single
client. this means, if the same client has open files simultanously on another
share, this get an error. eg. a compiler fails etc.

dead time is in minutes and oplock = no has no effect.

the problem is that smbd has its current working dir on that share

                     USER       PID ACCESS COMMAND
/cdrom               root      1725 ..c..  smbd

the time seems to be 5 .. 10 seconds after winnt-filemanager has build the 
filelist. then smbd has moved his cwd to / and the mountpoint is free.

maybe if one has a solution for smbd, not to cwd to the mountpoint of
the share, let me know.

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