CATIA Filenames not shown

Gross, Johannes-Ludwig Gross01 at
Mon Mar 2 13:29:53 GMT 1998

In samba 1.9.18p3 and previous versions files with special characters
outside the 7 Bit ASCII-Range (like CATIA software uses to avoid blanks
in names - in our case ASCII-Value 177) are not shown in the
NT-File-Explorer.  Test with options character set, client code page or
valid chars didn't show the files. The filenames are seen on the
NT-machine after transfer with ftp-Program, so NT should be able to
handle the names.
Is it possible to fix the Filedisplay somehow ?

>From the description of the program i understand, that it should be
possible to call the smbpasswd program from a client machine without
login as a interactive Unix-user (parameters passwd chat and passwd
program). How is this done on the Samba-Server (Solaris 2.5.1) and the
client (Windows NT 4.0 or WfW) ? 

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