Linux: how to discover open files from smbd ?

Gerhard Zuber zuber at
Sun Mar 1 14:39:37 GMT 1998

I have a CD-Changer and I want to change the cd under the share.

this is done by a script, consisting of
  unmounting the cdrom
  changing the slot
  mounting the cdrom again

to successfully do this, there must be no open files or directories
on the mountpoint.

If I browse with windows-nt-filemanager on that share it seems there
are files/dirs held open by smbd. in elder versions of smbd this
time was very short, so one second was acceptable to wait.

now in newer versions of smbd (maybe the new locking code) this time
is unacceptable long, so I need to kill that smbd is sitting on that

So my question:

how to shorten that time


how to find the smbd is helding files/dirs open and killing it. There can
be more than one smbd running, i should kill the right one.

many thanx

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