NT Crashes when doing large network file Xfers (3c595)

Rick Flower Rick.Flower at trw.com
Tue Jun 30 21:14:30 GMT 1998

Hmm.. I guess if you want a 100Base-T network card AND
Windows NT on a fast computer (however you define that!),
you should stay away from the 3com 3c595 network card.

I did just check on the NT Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)
and found the following link indicating that this particular
network card would not work properly on fast Pentium/Pentium
Pro computers :


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Subject: Re: NT Crashes when doing large network file Xfers (3c595)

>Something I'm actually familiar with. Wow.
>First off, the 3C595 card does *not* support full-duplex at 100mb.
>It supports 10mb at half or full duplex and 100mb at half duplex
>only! I researched this only 2 weeks ago, check on 3com's site if
>you're not convinced. Backing off to half-duplex won't fix this
>particular problem, though. The network layer is still going to
>go bye-bye. I ended up installing a different card and have not
>had a problem since then, and I've done some pretty heavy transfers
>that would never have worked with the 3c595.
>My recommendation? Pick yourself up a new card.

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