SAMBA and Windows CE

Ernie Oporto ernie_oporto at
Tue Jun 30 16:43:41 GMT 1998

I have the Socket Communications low-power ethernet card on my HP 620LX
WinCE box and can access my \\sambaserver\homes area.  I believe SP1 for
this machine adds the proper network redirectors so that you can access
those from the "Run..." dialog box by just typing the UNC.

Veeeeery useful.


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>      I've come across a web page giving a link to Microsoft's written but
>      unsupported Network Client for Windows CE.  This lets a Windows CE
>      palmtop browse Windows shares across a network.  HOwever,
> the web page
>      claims that it doesn't work with Samba.  Can anyone give me
>      confirmation on this?  Is this problem being worked on?  I'd love to
>      donate a palmtop for the effort, but I'm already borrowing the one I
>      have access to from another developer.
>      Jeff McWilliams
>      Engineer - Trellis Software & Controls

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