Default changed (printcap) in 1.9.18p8

Mac dmccann at
Mon Jun 29 11:21:07 GMT 1998

Hi all,

	Am I the only person to have fallen over the following 'gotcha' ?

Upgraded to 1.9.18p8 from 19.9.17p5 on Friday.

Came in this morning to discover all Printing had died.

Eventually tracked this down to the 'printcap name' setting in Samba jad

It default was '/etc/printcap'  (it must have been as printing was fine
up 17p5 and all previous versions).  But now it was defaulting to
'lpstat', which was singularly useless.

Platform: IRIX 5.3  (used the 'FOR SGI IRIX 5.x.x' line in Makefile).

Any comments?

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