Terrelle Shaw hshaw at successnet.net
Fri Jun 26 23:06:55 GMT 1998

Hello guys, 
	I'm at my wits end.. hope someone can help.. this is the deal.
I have setup a linux box to serve as a "gateway" for our internal lan. 
Running 2.0.34 slakware. I have 2 nic cards.. One for our "internal" lan
( and the "external" lan..I have gotten the OS to see
both of them, but when trying to get DHCP to work with both, it kept
barfing.. so i used ip_aliasing on the external nic and put the "internal"
host address ( on eth0:1. DHCPD seemed to work.. then i
installed and configured ip_masq. That worked.. Now i installed samba.
the latest. This compiled and setup with no problem, but looking at
network neighborhood, i cant see my server.. Now going thru the archives
i see other people put, the nic cards on the win95 machines to lm announce
to yes and browser master to automatic.. this did nothing.. putting the
samba server in the same workgroup didn't change it either.. 
Its odd that i cant telnet to the machine using its ip or its host name
from one of the win95 clients, but the machines are getting there
dynamicip from it. the DNS is set for our DNS server that knows about the
linux machine also.. also by doing a "winipcfg" i see that the win95
clients sees the DHCP server as our "external" ip not the "internal" one.
and i suspect that to be the cause ( related to the ip_alaising for dhcp).

Anyone have some clues or pointers as to where to look further?

My smb.conf file is at http://www.successnet.net/~hshaw/dowloads/smb.conf

Terrelle Shaw

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