NT crashes during smbtar

David Mansfield david at cobite.com
Fri Jun 26 03:47:30 GMT 1998

I have been regularly crashing my NT boxen trying to back them up via an
smbtar (smbclient).  The crash is not complete - the network layer on NT
goes away.  You can still operate the console, but no net traffic.  This
is NT workstation and server 4.0 with sp3.  The UNIX samba server is
Solaris 2.5 with the latest samba version (1.9.18p8?) also with other
samba versions. 

I tried updating the NT tcpip stack with the teardrop fix (hoping that
someone would have found this little bug) but no go.  The machine has a
3c595 NIC in case that matters.

I don't THINK the machine crashes except when being accessed like this via
smbclient, although it did crash once when copying from this machine to a
samba server via a third party nt workstation (does this copy go through
the intermediate machine or is it smart enough to copy direct?)

Any clues?

Please cc direct to me in case I miss responses in the digest.

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