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Martin Mielke martin at jaleo.idecnet.com
Thu Jun 25 16:55:29 GMT 1998

Dear all,

it's being a long time since the last time I posted something here...

How should I configure my Samba Server to allow users to login with the
Win9x/NT boxes using the same account name as in the UNIX side and to
keep the correct file and directory permissions?

By now, if a user uses a Win9x/NT box to login as, for example,
"martin", the files he transfers from the Win box to his account at the
UNIX side are owned by guest.guest and are in mode 750 (this can be
modified with the "create mode" parameter, right?), so what I would like
to achieve is to get the transfered files set to, for example,
martin.users, mode 755.

Any hints on this issue? Don't hesitate to point me to another old
digest if this topic has been discussed previously.

Thanks in advance,


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