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Thu Jun 25 12:16:33 GMT 1998

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>Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 19:42:45 +1000
>From: George Vieira <tremors at>
>To: "'samba at'" <samba at>
>Subject: Win98 Full Release and Samba NT domain
>Message-ID: <01BD9FA8.44045A60 at TREMORS>
>Has anybody tried to login to a Linux NT domain..
>I'm getting password problems.. It used to work fine in Win95 until I went
to WIn98 (I guess a big no no....)
>I tried in network neighborhood and double cliked the Linux machine and I
got the prompt for a password on \\newjackswing\ipc$ but no password worked??

Hi George,

I had this problem with the Win98 betas as well.  What fixed the problem
100% for me was to use encrypted passwords.  The smb.conf file has some
comments on how to do this.  The extra documentation for Samba does as well.

Hope this helps you out,

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