Cannot change password

Peter Debus pdebus at
Thu Jun 25 02:49:46 GMT 1998

Server: Slakware Linux 2.0.30, GNU C Samba 18p7

Server is not using PAM and is a ypclient.

Client PC's are DOS 6.20 with MS Client 3.0 and Windows 95.

I am having trouble changing passwords using the "net password \\<server>"
command from either DOS or Win95 command prompt. Changing passwords worked fine
using Samba 17p3.

The compile switch -DALLOW_CHANGE_PASSWORD has been used and smb.conf
parameters are set up correctly.

 passwd program = /usr/bin/yppasswd
 passwd chat = "*Old password*" %o\n "*New password*" %n\n "*ype new password*
" %n\n *changed*
 password level = 4

The error reported in the client log file at log level 4 is:

Doing SetUserPassword
Set password for <PDEBUS>
SMB Password - pwlen = 7, challenge_done = 0
Checking password for user pdebus (l=7)
Password change for user: pdebus
pty: try to open ptya0, line was /dev/ptyXX
pty: try to open ptya1, line was /dev/ptya0
pty: try to open ptya2, line was /dev/ptya1
pty: try to open ptya3, line was /dev/ptya2
pty: try to open ptya4, line was /dev/ptya3
pty: opened /dev/ptya4
Dochild for user pdebus (uid=0,gid=6310)		<------ ???????
response 1 incorrect
Child failed to change password: pdebus
get_smbpwd_entry: unable to open file /etc/smbpasswd
check_lanman_password: get_smbpwd_entry returned NULL
1998/06/25 12:19:54 Transaction 671 of length 39
switch message SMBtdis (pid 2640)
chdir to /var/log/samba/clients
1998/06/25 12:19:54 thumb ( closed connection to service IPC$
Yielding connection to 117 IPC$
1998/06/25 12:19:54 tdis cnum=117

Changing the Unix password failed at "Dochild for user pdebus", but note
the uid, it is 0 not pdebus' uid. Calling yppasswd as root will attempt to 
change root's password, not pdebus'. 

Does anyone have a suggestion. I have removed the password level option
in smb.conf and toyed with all upper and lower case passwords, but the
problem persists. I am not using encrypted passwords, hence the password change
fails on "get_smbpwd_entry" and "check_lanman_password".


Peter Debus
Computer Systems Administrator
School of Mathematical Computer Sciences
University of New England
Armidale NSW 

Ph: 61 (0)267 73 2412 Fax: 61 (0)267 73 3312

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