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Couldn't get help in my FreeBSD list:

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With samba working in a FreeBSD 2.2.6 box, I made some tests, 
comparing Samba's performance to Netware and ftp ,and did not
 like the results, looks like I'm doing something wrong:

1. Netware  4.1 Server, Pentium 133 32M IDE,   27Mb ZIP file, to 
Win95 workstation, Pentium 133, using 2  explorer windows (drag & drop).
 Time: ~30 seg.

2. Same Novell Server, to Samba Server  486 50Mhz 64M 
IDE, using the same Win95 workstation, again using the 2 explorer 
windows  (drag & drop -> from Novell Server to Samba Server)
Time: ~55 seg

3. From Samba Server to Win95 workstation , again using 2 explorer 
windows  (drag & drop)
Time: several (about 6 minutes).

4. Ftp  download from Samba to Win95
Time: 376 seg (63Kb/seg) ->  ftp win95 log 

Is this correct, depend on CPU power or ...,  (Samba Server has ae 3com EISA 
board, Netware a PCI board,  and the  HD's are similar in both 
servers ), what may be the problem ?

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