file access problems

cdean at cdean at
Fri Jun 19 13:56:34 GMT 1998

we're testing a new NFS product for our mainframe system (Conectivitiy
Systems TCP/IP for VSE) and have successfully mapped a virtual drive to our
unix system (AIX 4.2). We use Samba (v.1.9.18p2) to share files with the
Windows 95 and Windows NT systems in the building. We have attempted to map
the "mapped" drive from the mainframe via Samba. We're able to see files in
the mainframe share but cannot write to the mainframe drive from the Samba.

We are able to write to the mainframe drive from AIX, and I've created
another drive mapping with the same configuration settings in the smb.conf
file and I can write to that share. Any ideas about why the mainframe drive
would be read only under Samba?

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