Samba Server Icon diseppearing

Igor Colovic cigor at EUnet.yu
Thu Jun 18 14:15:13 GMT 1998

Can you ping your samba server.
If can then you have to check if you can ping the mashine(s) withs have to
see samba server.

And another thing, try dignostics.txt. It is in /usr/doc/samba-*/
In case you can find it write me and I will e-mail you this file.
Regards to You all from
Igor Colovic
Europe, Yugoslavia, Belgrade
cigor at EUnet.yu
DeplhiPro at
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Date: Thursday, 18 June, 1998 14:34 PM
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>At 09:15 AM 6/18/98 +0200, you wrote:
>>>Is there something that I might have missed in the smb.conf file that
>>>prevent the actual server icon from showing up?
>>>Thanks in advance for any assistance.
>>Have you set browseable = yes in smb.conf. If you havent that could be
>>Also try setting available = yes in global and workgroup to what workgroup
>>the server is.
>Thanks for the help.
>According to the smb.conf man file, both available and browseable are
>defaulted to yes.
>I did put browseable = yes nad available = yes into the smb.conf file, and
>set the workgroup, but still no luck.
>Anyone else have any hints or experienced this before?
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