Samba and ISDN remote machine

Géza Akócsi gea at
Thu Jun 18 17:13:22 GMT 1998


I have a simple problem.
Our company developed a client-server application, and the client program
sucks the
configuration info from the server (SUN Solaris) accross Samba.
It is working fine on our local network.
But our support to the custumers requires some extra solutions.
The main idea is an ISDN login to the customer's server, and it is working
also fine.
But some cases we need to reach the customer's server application with my
client from
my PC from our office, and use their configuration from their server.
So, how can I reach my customer's server accross ISDN line ?

If you need, I can send you more details.

I need any solutions if you have.


Geza Akocsi

gea at

STEP Electronic Publishing Inc.

H-1113 Budapest

Bocskai u. 77-79

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