Problems with time stamps of files under 1.9.18p3

Rob Butterworth robert at
Thu Jun 18 15:24:36 GMT 1998

Some of my users have the problem described below - any ideas ?

We see an intermittent problem with the timestamps of unix files seen from NT 
4.0 SP3.
The problem is that the last write time, as seen by the GetFileAttributesEx 
Win32 API function, sometimes depends on whether the file is open. 
Experiments suggest that everything is fine for files with an even last write 
time (that's the time in seconds as seen from the unix server). However, for 
files with an odd last write time, GetFileAttributesEx rounds the time up to 
the next multiple of two while the file is open. This effect persists for 
exactly 3 seconds after the file has been closed, after which time 
GetFileAttributesEx returns the odd (correct) last write time again.
That's happening for from DaveF's PC accessing files from watson, but I've 
also seen it from my PC accessing files from colville. Further experiments on 
my PC now suggest that GetFileAttributesEx always returns a rounded up even 
file write date for watson and colville files (i.e. it consistently returns 
the wrong time) but maybe this rounding up doesn't always happen.

Rob Butterworth (robert)
UK Systems Manager
Tel: 3846

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