smbmount from linux to Win95 gives IO error

Thomas.Hansen.tmh./Copenhagen at Thomas.Hansen.tmh./Copenhagen at
Thu Jun 18 09:00:37 GMT 1998

     HI SAMBA users.
     I have a Linux 5.0 with samba-1_9_18p8-50_1_i386. When I use smbmount 
     to mount an NT service there are no problems, but the same operation 
     on a Win95 gives an I/O error.
     I use the following mountcommmand:
     [root at lxcs1 /tmp]# smbmount //sv1a/a /mnt -U addcomp -D DIESEL -P 
     I then do a cp to /mnt:
     [root at lxcs1 /tmp]# cp Filesize.doc /mnt
     cp: /mnt/Filesize.doc: I/O error
     If i then open the doc on my PC there are no errors, but I do not like 
     linux to tell me that there is an I/O error
     Anyone have a clue?
     Best regards
     Thomas Hansen
     Always reply to tmh at

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