Little "problem" with samba server

Igor Colovic cigor at EUnet.yu
Thu Jun 18 07:32:29 GMT 1998

I have configured samba to work ok. I can see, write, read all files I have
shared on linux machine.
But when I look in log files I see two same lines that look like this:
Jun 17 19:04:41 small PAM_pwdb[342]: 1 authentication failure; (uid=0) ->
cigor for samba service
I have configured /etc/pam.d/samba like this
auth              required    /lib/security/ shadow nullok
account         required    /lib/security/
password      required    /lib/security/ retry=3
password      required    /lib/security/ use_authtok nullok
What could be the problem. Can anybody help me.
I am logging from WIN95 machine and using samba -1.9.17p4

Regards to You all from
Igor Colovic
Europe, Yugoslavia, Belgrade
cigor at EUnet.yu
DeplhiPro at
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