Changing passwords problem from Win95

Maurice Agavnian agavnian at
Fri Jun 12 17:19:11 GMT 1998


I'm running Samba 1.9.19-prealpha (CVS, June 8 1998) on a sparc Solaris 2.6 
server. It works fine. Now I'm trying to use the password changing feature from 
my Win95 clients'control panel. 

So I compiled with -DALLOW_CHANGE_PASSWORD, enabled encrypted passwords (have a 
smbpasswd file) and added 'unix password sync = yes' in my smb.conf...

But password changing don't works because I use NIS. Under solaris and NIS, the 
/bin/passwd command always need an old UNIX password, even if it is called as 
root. With 'password chat debug' enabled, I notice that a blank string "" is 
passed instead.

Someone has any experience on this problem ?



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