Problems with MSOffice 97 installation

Marco Schmidt schmidt at
Fri Jun 12 08:13:19 GMT 1998

Hello !

I got nearly the same problem by using PowerJ that was installed 
on a samba share. It tells me, that a file could not be read, but 
the file was there, readable.

I put the debug level up and I saw, that samba is not able to 
handle more than 128(?) open files simultaneously. I found the 
number of open files in the logfile. After it reached an upper
limit the problem occurs. I don't know exactly why there is an
upper limit, perhaps somebody could explane this?

I hope this helps. Maybe it will not help much, because I don't 
know a solution. I got no time to check the source for this.

Please tell me, if this is your problem, too.

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