Incorrect behaviour between samba and MS Visual C

Colin_Everett at Colin_Everett at
Wed Jun 10 12:05:02 GMT 1998

     We have a couple of developers who use MS Visual Studio 5.x. Their 
     data lives on a sparc running samba 1.9.18p7. They are getting very 
     frustrated with warning windows popping up within the tool telling 
     them that the file they already have open has changed since they 
     opened it, when we know it hasn't. For example, if they have a open 
     file and then build it a window will pop up saying that the file has 
     changed, when in fact it hasn't and nobody else has it open. We can 
     only reproduce this behaviour using a samba share.
     Any ideas will be most appreciated
     -Colin Everett
     colin_everett at 

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