run scripts on samba server

Christoph Müller mueller-dlg at
Wed Jun 10 10:24:51 GMT 1998

Hi all,

I have a network with Win95 clients and a samba-server 1.9.18p3 on Linux 2.033. Linux is only used as serversystem, clientusers are nonfamiliar with Linux.

Sometimes it would be usefull, to start a program or script on the server from the client. This can be done via telnet, but I'd like to know if there is some sort of call implemented in samba to start a script on the server without login into Linux. Before I used samba, I had a dosbased serversystem where I could open a file on the server with a certain open-modus and the file would then be executed on the server. This is aproximately what I'm thinking about.

Any hints? Thanks.

Christoph Mueller,
mueller-dlg at

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