MS DOS client : solution

Philippe GUILLEMETTE philippe.guillemette at
Sat Jun 6 00:01:21 GMT 1998

	I finally found a solution to allow basic MS DOS client 3.0 redirector to work with Samba.
I'm sure you'll find it ugly, but it works. Under CORE protocol, the $"#&^ MS client sends unencrypted 
passwords to the samba server (maybe there is no support of encryption in CORE, I don't know). 
	So as my clients are either W95, WfW, NT or DOS machines, I simply remove the support 
of LANMAN1 and LANMAN2 protocols in the negotiation between Samba and the client. All machines
which are not DOS will agree on a higher protocol anyway ...
	The only trade-off (?) is that at the first time, the DOS clients have to connect with the 
syntax : net use \\machine\share%username [password], no big deal. But I have more than 590 k
of free memory under DOS ...


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