Password Questions & Suggestions

John Brown jsbrown at
Fri Jun 5 20:45:33 GMT 1998

Hello All,

I'm using 1.9.18p5 on Linux serving 95 and NT.

1.  If we are currently using password migration to populate my
file and a user decides to change their password from Win95, is samba
supposed to change smbpasswd even though 'unix passwd sync' is set to

2.  Since smbpasswd now makes the password changes through smbd, is
it possible to have smbpasswd control the adding of new users to the
file itself?  For example:

    smbpasswd -new frank ..... Add frank to passwd & Add frank to
    smbpasswd -a frank ....  Activate frank in smbpasswd, but only if he
is already
                                                in passwd.

3.  When I run a program to check on my samba server (like smbclient,
it shows the version of the client program, but it does not show the
version of the
server actually running.  Can this be added?

4.  Can I use the windows print que programs to display and alter the
print que on
my Samba server?  (i.e. cancel jobs)  How?



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