file opening error when using Lotus approach

Christoph Müller mueller-dlg at
Fri Jun 5 08:45:14 GMT 1998

Hi everybody,

I'm using samba 1.9.18p3 with Linux 2.0.33, connected are 7 win95 and 1 DOS computers. When I use Lotus approach (from Lotus smart suite 97) I sometimes get error messages when opening files:

to some files I get only read access, some I cannot open at all.
The files to be opened have nothing to do with Lotus approach and approach itself works without error messages.

The error is not completely reproduceable and does not always occur when using Lotus approach, sometimes a second try opening the same file works, sometimes not, rebooting the client does not help, closing Lotus approach always makes the error dissapear.

Has anybody else seen such a strange behaviour, any suggestions on what to do? Thanks for help.

Christoph Mueller,
mueller-dlg at

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