Slow writes continued

Jonathan Peterson jon at
Thu Jun 4 14:19:41 GMT 1998

I posted a while back about getting very slow writes. People suggested
modifying (increasing) SO_SNDBUF and SO_RCVBUF and this actually helps
enormously. However, there is obviously something still not right. Writes
are still about 1/2 the speed of reads. This only seems to affect Win95
clients (NT machines are fine). Doing a write of a 20mb file to the server
generates the following message:

chdir to /int-data/amx_resources
1998/06/04 14:58:49 write fnum=56 cnum=119 num=16 wrote=16
1998/06/04 14:58:49 Transaction 10834 of length 65539
switch message SMBwritebraw (pid 1646)
chdir to /
chdir to /int-data/amx_resources
1998/06/04 14:58:49 writebraw1 fnum=56 cnum=119 start=19922944 num=65475
5475 sync=0
1998/06/04 14:58:49 writebraw2 fnum=56 cnum=119 start=19922944 num=45
1998/06/04 14:58:49 Transaction 10835 of length 68
switch message SMBwrite (pid 1646)
chdir to /

This message is repeated about 15 times during the course of the write
operation. This does not happen in identical circumstances using an NT client.

Since my write speed is now acceptable, this isn't so urgent, but I find it
rather odd all the same. Any ideas?

P.S. my RCVBUF and SNDBUF are now set to 10240 bytes.

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