SAMBA digest 1706 (PR#7484)

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Wed Jun 3 18:09:01 GMT 1998

dan at wrote:
> Me too.  Samba 1.9.18p7.  It doesn't happen right away, though.  Several
> days of running, and nmbd begins losing elections consistently, although
> it is still responding.
> My workaround is a script that runs once a minute looking to see who is
> master.  When it sees the samba server isn't, kills nmbd on the
> server then restarts it.  Then all is fine for 5-10 days again.

Hmmmm. I'd prefer it if we could work out *why* nmbd
is losing the elections, and ensure it doesn't when
it's set to a high level.

Could you try an experiment in which you crank up the
debug log level of nmbd when you notice it starts losing
elections (debug level of 5 should do) - you can change
the debug level of nmbd on the fly by sending it SIGUSR1
signals to increase the log level for a process.

Can you then send me the log, as at debug level 5 it
should print out all the criteria that it looks at
in the election - this should help determine why it
thinks it is losing.


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	Samba Team.
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