policies and authentication

Carey Nairn C.Nairn at dpac.tas.gov.au
Tue Jun 2 01:08:00 GMT 1998

Hi people,

I have a setup where I have two FreeBSD machines running samba of which I
only want ONE to authenticate logons.  Additionally I want that machine to
serve system policies to my Win95 clients.  

At the moment I have problem with the wrong machine trying to authenticate
and not finding the correct share names.  Is there a way of forcing the
win95 clients to authenticate with one server and not another?

Also,  I can't seem to get the win95 machines to use the policies.  I have
created a config.pol file with poledit and put it into the netlogon share
on the samba server, but the policies don't seem to work.  What do I need
to do to make policies work.

I have tried 1.9.17p2 and 1.9.18p7

any help would be most welcome.

Carey Nairn
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