File corruption

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Mon Jun 1 19:45:10 GMT 1998

vince at (Vince Chen) write:
>We upgraded from samba 1.9.17 to 1.9.18 (now running p7) in hopes of
>solving file-corruption problems when large files are copied to
>NT from our IRIX 6.2 samba server.
>Has anyone see any file corruption?

This won't solve your problem, but I just ran some tests copying a large file from
NT to FreeBSD2.2.6 and back, w/o any sign of corruption.

Just wanted to report these measurements:

Copying a 45Mb Exchange InBox file (all my email, incl Samba digest) from NT to
a Samba share, 1.9.18p3, both PC's a P100Mhz, using an crossover cable connecting
two 10mbps NE2000 NIC's, copying with dos session 'copy' (desktop drag and drop is
broken and I don't feel like fixing any more of billy's stuff).

	-took approx 1 min 10 secs, used 60% of NT CPU (NT doing nothing else), but
'top' on FreeBSD reports smbd using only 12% max CPU, and 55% network utilization
reported by perfmon

	-ran 'comp' on NT dos session, files compared ok.

	-copy file back from FreeBSD, again took 1 min 10 secs, 	60% NT CPU, 55%
network, and 'top' reports smbd %cpu climbing steadily to a max of 35% cpu.

	-Startup Inbox and open mail file, compacted, open some of the first messages,
	all ok, no sign of corrpution.

The set of 4 FreeBSD cd's comes with Samba as a package and sure seems like
a bargain.

Chuck   B.S.E.E.  McSE
cswiger at

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