Executables not executing

Steve Fosdick fosdicsj at aom.bt.co.uk
Mon Jun 1 10:44:13 GMT 1998

"Brian C. Huffman" <Brian.C.Huffman at dupontmerck.com> wrote:

>         I'm running Samba 1.9.18p7 and I'm having a problem where I
> can't execute a file on the samba drive, but if I copy it to a local
> drive, it works.  The client is Windows NT Workstation 4.0 w/
> service pack 3.  The executable is named Netscape405.exe.  The error
> I get in explorer is:
> Can not find F:\Netscape405.exe.  Windows needs this to run
> F:\Netscape405.exe
> I find that if I change this to an 8.3 name, it works.  Why? ...

There was a previous problem mentioned on this list with NT clients
failing to find directories when they had long names but working
when they had short ones.  In this case the reason turned out to be
that the NT client was using NT specific calls which samba didn't

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