Samba being Unfriendly

Glen Gibb grg at
Mon Jun 1 00:57:32 GMT 1998

Hello all,

	I have been running Samba quite happily for at least a month without
any major problems.
	However, on the 29/5, Samba suddenly stopped accepting connections.
Rebooting the server didn't help, and I couldn't even get smbclient to
make a connection from the server. The error message reported was
"Server software is being unfriendly", or something very similar.
	After a number of hours of frustration (and even upgrading Samba to the
latest version), I finally discovered that Samba was having trouble with
	If I put a reverse lookup entry in the DNS table for the server's
internal network addresses, it worked, however, if it was just relying
on the hosts table on the server, it didn't work. (The internal network
addresses are 192.etc, so I didn't want them in the DNS table. However,
I have set up the latest named so that it only does the lookup for
internal addresses).
	Can anyone suggest a reason as to why Samba should suddenly die like
this, as nothing was changed on the server. (BTW, the server is running
FreeBSD 2.2.5).

Thanks in advance
Glen Gibb

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