public service & NT password server problem

Bruce Cook BC3-AU at
Sat Jan 31 02:46:37 GMT 1998

Gerald W. Carter writes:
 > > Can someone tell me how to setup a public service for everyone, not
 > > only domain members?
 > > When I examine my logfile, I can see that (for my NT box) unknown users
 > > connect anonymous (as nobody, my guest account) to the IPC$-service,
 > > but afterwards they try to connect with their username to the public
 > > service, so my Samba/NT denies access ...
 > > 
 > See #define GUEST_SESSSETUP  in source/local.h
 > As this is a compile time option, you will proably have to set up a
 > separate samba server if you wish to maintain the login security on
 > certain shares.
 > What I did was to set up a guest samaba server that always validated as
 > the guest account and only provided certain administrative files ( like
 > patches, docs, etc... ) through it and kept another server to provide
 > file / printer services to [homes] and other software.  Both of these
 > servers were running on the same machine.

Wouldn't it be possible to build samba so that unknown users can be
authenticated as guest, and then later check their access to the share
with the "guest ok = yes" option.

This would allow a mixed system with some guest shares, as well as
properly authenticated shares.

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