NT - Not allowed from this workstation

Bill Neisius neisius at netcom.com
Fri Jan 30 15:20:31 GMT 1998

> I am the sysadmin in an office with an overabundance of Win95 machines and
> a few NT 4.0 workstations.  All installs went relatively easy for logon
> scripts, wins, etc.  I have run into a semi-serious problem with 2 of the
> 3 NT workstations. (All running the same service pack - 1).

> When trying to make a share from one of the 2 remaining workstations, I
> will recevie an error message saying that:

> The account is not authorized to login from this workstation.

Had a similar problem here (but with Service Pack 3...)
Try re-enabling "Plain Text Passwords"; read the WinNT.txt
file in the Samba/docs directory:

	Run regedt32.exe and locate the hive key entry:

	Add the following value:

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