1.9.18p2: password problems, "uid not number"

Gert-Jan Vons Gert-Jan.Vons at ocegr.fr
Fri Jan 30 09:11:56 GMT 1998

We just tried to upgrade from 1.9.17p5 to 1.9.18p2, and people
are now unable to login. The error we get in the log file is

    get_smbpwd_entry: malformed password entry (uid not number)

This is on a Solaris 2.5.1 machine, no changes in samba config, and
using encrypted passwords.

Dejanews came up with an article from de.comp.os.linux.networking,
in which someone described exactly the same problem, and stated that
1.9.18 doesn't like negative uids in smbpasswd.

While scanning my smbpasswd file, I noticed that there is a user named
"nobody" with user id "-2", which apparently causes get_smbpwd_entry to

I removed the "nobody" entry, and hopefully things will be fine when 
I try the upgrade again this evening...

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