gui to manage samba

Lars Kneschke Lars.Kneschke at
Wed Jan 28 20:35:40 GMT 1998


I've writen a programm to manage samba. You can find it on my homepage
( or at
Maybe you find it it not before tomorow.
This programm is writen for KDE( If someone is
interested to test it, he/she needs to install 3 packages from KDE
before ksamba can be compiled. In the tar-ball is a README, where you
can read what you need. The installation is very simple. (configure;
make; make install). This programm is beta, so you better don't test it
with your real smb.conf. You better make a copy before! ksamba is only
for samba-1.9.18 and above.
Maybe someone is interested in testing this.

Cu Lars
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