Get_Hostbyname: Unknown host

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Jan 28 21:07:07 GMT 1998

hi alexey,

you will need "dns proxy = yes" because we disable / enable this properly
now, using this parameter.  by default, it is off, which explains the
problem you are seeing.

On Wed, 28 Jan 1998, Alexey V. Abashkin wrote:

> Hello SaMBa gurus!
> I've got a problem with 1.9.18p[1|2].
> When I try to connect from my BSDi station to WinNT (or Win95) I
> use the
> `smbclient \\\\HostWinNT\\service`
> It work fine on 1.9.17p4 but 1.9.18p1 or p2 say me
> Get_Hostbyname: Unknown host HOSTWINNT
> Of course HOSTWINNT present in /etc/hosts and /etc/hosts.equiv
> but
> the name HOSTWINNT is't DNS, it's NetBEUI name.

you mean NetBIOS.  samba doesn't support the NETBEUI transport, only

best regards,


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