microsoft developer studio, files changed problem

Nigel Spowage Nigel.Spowage at
Wed Jan 28 16:41:39 GMT 1998


i'm sure you've all heard this one before, but i would appreciate a reply as 
this is a really annoying problem.

when using microsoft developer studio to read projects files on a samba drive i 
continually get messages from dev studio saying that files have changed and do i 
want to re-load them ?

i presume that samba is reporting an unsuitable timestamp due to the differences 
between dos and unix filestamps. but can someone please tell me what parameters 
i need to set in smb.conf to stop windows getting confused.

i've made sure that the windows computers clocks are synchronised with the unix 
box with the NET TIME command and i've tried setting 'dos filetimes = true' 
parameter in the smb.conf but this makes no difference.

i'm using samba 1.9.18 on a sun sparc (solaris 2.5)


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