DOS style 8.3 filename mangling issues??!

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Mon Jan 26 23:42:47 GMT 1998

Maximillian wrote :

> Problem is this: with respect to programs not long filename-aware/compliant,
> users cannot "double-click" on files (long filenames or files within long
> filenamed directories)...  (Nor can they run older (pre-long filename
> supported)
> executables named or existing within long filenamed directories)...
> For instance:
> t:\Security Software\test\test.exe
> will fail to load (test.exe being a 3.1X Windows app)....
> but if I change the directory name of "Security Software" to "Security"...
> everything's peachy and glorious.

This is a known bug with the Windows NT redirector when attempting
to run 16-bit binaries. It also fails in the same way when run
against a Windows 95 server.

Samba will work around this NT bug when we implement Windows
NT specific SMB requests (planned for 1.9.19) - in the meantime
you will have to add symlinks that are 8.3 complient for the
directories that hold these binaries.

Sorry, this is a semi-regular bug report, maybe we should
add it to the faq.

Hope this helps,

Jeremy Allison,
Samba Team.

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