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Fri Jan 23 17:31:36 GMT 1998

I *think* I've read all the documentation in reasonable detail, but I'm
still somewhat puzzled.

I'm running a smallish network of Windows NT and Samba on NetBSD. My
problem is that if a Samba server is local master browser, then all samba
servers disappear from the NT machines "Network Neighborhood" workgroup
lists. However, if all Samba servers are configured with "local master =
no", then all is well with the world. I've tried this with both 1.9.17 and
1.9.18 servers, and the new name daemon hasn't helped. As far as I know,
we're only using Workgroups, and there are no domains involved.

OK, so the simple answer is "don't do that then", but I'm curious as to why
the problem is occuring.

Looking at the nmbd logs, the name daemon gets the host_announce messages
from all servers, and gives a message similar to this:
"send_backup_list_response: sending backup list for workgroup SOFTWARE to
when I hit refresh on the "Network Neighborhood" screen.
Further, all the servers are listed in the browse.dat file on the Samba
master browser.

So why can't NT see them?

Thanks in advance,

Andrew Mobbs - Allstor Software Ltd.
Home email : andrewm at

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