printing accounting : how-to???

Michel Applaincourt Michel.Applaincourt at
Mon Jan 26 08:14:02 GMT 1998


Before trying to do this from ground, I think it is better to ask if
someone has already do this and can give advices :
I have a Win 95+ samba configuration (samba is access sontroller and print
I want to do accounting on the printing for each user. Users Can print
ASCII and Postscript. Accounting is done on page number.
I know I would have to do a script. 
First stage is to count the number of pages printed...
Second would be to have a decremental counter for each user. When it
reached 0, they couldn' t be able to print.

As someone already do this and how?
Can someone give advice?


PS : SAMBA is wonderfull for managing Win95 stations when you use Policy
and roving profiles :o)

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