NT4 Domain Questions

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Sun Jan 25 16:40:36 GMT 1998

On Fri, 16 Jan 1998, Bruce Riddle wrote:

> I've been playing for a month trying to make Samba a PDC.
> Decide it just ain't worth it.  
> I have yet to get the NTDOM_BRANCH to compile inder Solaris 2.5/6
> Sparc/Intel.  (I'm a sys admin and not a programmer but I give it a try
> sometimes).  

do: it's the version that works.  -DNTDOMAIN in the main cvs branch
> SO Now I have 18p1 Server up and would like to store the
> Roaming prfiles on the SSmaba machine.  Seems like less maintenance
> to run an authentication machine.
> Current it does not write them out at all.
> It says the user has a roaming profile on the Samba side.
> do I set the server 
> domain logons = yes
> or not

you're using NT workstation clients or Win95?  if Win95, you don't need

> Do I need to add the machine specific entries to the smbpasswd file?
> This is very painfull as the Unix ID must exist and 
> Solaris does not like the "$" in the user name.

use the UID of the "nobody" account.  follow the instructions in
BRANCH_NTDOM's docs/NTDOMAIN.txt to the letter.  let me know if they fail
to work for you, or if there are any ambiguities.

best regards,


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